Dr. Schuman


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Schuman is a board qualified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, specifically trained to diagnose and treat problems and disease of the jaws, mouth, teeth and face. This includes the surgical removal of teeth, the placement of dental implants, cosmetic facial surgery and the treatment of injuries of the face and jaws.

In addition to routine extractions, Dr. Schuman has had years of experience performing complicated impacted wisdom teeth removal, impacted canines surgeries, orthognathic surgery for orthodontics, frenectomies, crown lengthening, and bone grafts.

Prior to providing care to our patients, we review thoroughly not only your dental history, but also your medical history, so we can best diagnose your problem and treat your problem and concerns fully. Dr. Schuman will discuss with you the best treatment as well as any options. Dr. Schuman is a Fellow in the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, and therefore, he can offer a choice of general anesthesia, I.V. sedation and local anesthesia for any surgical procedure you need. The object of any type of anesthesia is to provide our patients with a safe, comfortable and stress-free surgical experience.