Dr. Schuman

Welcome to the Medical Office of Dr. Schuman

We welcome you as a patient. Please read the following information to get started.

Whenever a new patient is added to the client base it’s incredibly important to give them the best welcome possible. There are also a number things that the practice can help them with to make their visits more pleasant and less stressful. Any other tips that can be relayed should be done on a regular weekly or monthly mailing to keep the patient in touch and aware of any changes.

There Are Often Overlooked Challenges That Can Be Addressed

While the doctor is concerned with the patient’s medical care there are usually a lot of things involving just getting to the clinic that present some difficulties for many people. The first would be getting to the clinic when you’re sick or injured and can’t drive a car. Lots of people don’t have close relatives that can just stop by and pick them up on short notice so they’re stuck taking public transportation or hiring a taxi. Taxis can be very expensive, sometimes costing into the hundreds of dollars for longer distances.

Luckily in many larger cities there are smaller disabled buses that can be arranged sometimes for very little cost. Instructions for making these arrangements should be included in the Welcome to Our Medical Office packet sent home with new customers and also found on the clinic’s website. Close-in parking and temporarily disabled plaques should also be given to those that can still drive but can’t walk due to broken legs, hips, dizziness, and other medical problems.

If You Are in Need of Drug Treatment

If you’re looking for drug addiction treatment, such as the services provided at this opiate and drug addiction treatment center please contact us directly before making an appointment. We may refer you directly to drug centers with which we are affiliated.

Temporary Daycare For Parents Could Also Be Of Help

Let’s face it, there are a lot of times when you absolutely have to visit the doctor and you can’t find any daycare help in time. Expectant mothers are especially prone to this problem with all of the quick care that they need. Many clinics can offer a daycare room to take care of an older sibling for a short period of time. This could all be explained the “Welcome to Our Medical Office” package that each patient is given on their first visit.

Many times just knowing that there is no problem bringing in another child can greatly relieve stress on a parent. Most clinics also have rules regarding unvaccinated children and that can also be explained in the package.

Knowing All Of The Affiliated Locations

Many times patients have accidents, such as sprained ankles, stings, allergies, or sports injuries when they’re away from home. Fortunately, many clinics have multiple offices that are part of their network and a patient can receive urgent care when needed far from home. That’s one reason why having all of the locations and affiliated offices listed in the welcome package can be very helpful. Most clinics will also have the same information available on their website that can be accessed by a computer or smartphone for convenience. A complete list of all the clinics should be kept posted near your home phone in case of emergencies.

If you’ve just joined a network and received your welcome package it’s always a good idea to take a few minutes and actually read through some of the information. You never know when something could happen and then you’ll know just exactly what to do and where to go because you read your packet.